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Our company offers the best range of cigar products available online for speedy delivery. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, you will find only the original and complete range of various cigars to your taste.

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Talking about cigar smoking, we mean quality of the cigar itself. But breaking it out poorly may lead to a not quality smoke. Most smokers break it out too much. When we take a new cigar, one end — the “foot” — is already open. The other end — the “cap” — is enclosed by a small piece of tobacco leaf that is separated from the main wrapper. Just because the cap end of the cigar will be placed into your mouth, it must be cut open before you smoke it.

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Our goal lies in making this cut to create a gentle opening without breaking the integrity of the cigar. You want to cut enough off and reach a smooth draw, but not to cut the main wrapper.

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Difference between cigars and cigarettes

Cigars and cigarettes are both tobacco-based products, but of course they are not the same. What are the main differences between them? Let us dive in. Physical differences

Which drinks go best with cigars

Even the most experienced cigar smokers can feel lost sometimes when pairing cigars with their drinks. The fact is that you already work with your tasting abilities when you try …

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