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Dear customers,
If you are looking for a cigar shop near you, Cigarsbuy is the Cigar Shop with the lowest prices on all of cigar brands that you have been searching for lately. Cigarsbuy is the best online cigar shop where with a click of the mouse you can buy only the best cigars in just a few minutes.

We want people to stop treating cigars as something inaccessible and difficult. We know that everyone finds something of his/her own in cigars. And it is right.
We are here for you and open 24 hours a day ready to assist you and fulfill your desired dreams, ready to guide you and order the cigar brand that caters namely to you. We are the leading cigar specialist and we invite you to our online store.

Clients are welcome to place orders online on the website by filling the special ordering form. We strive to process and ship all orders placed from Monday to Friday.
Whether you are new to the world of cigar smoking – just a beginner or a cigar connoisseur, our job is to help you anytime. Our reputation is based on highest quality products and effective customer service. If you have any issues associated with the placed orders, products or shipping options, please let us know so we can assist you, all e-mails are processed within 2 working days.

Our goal is to become a good friend to any customer to whom one can always come, consult, or even complain and tell us what one does not like. Therefore, we are always happy to help you choose the right cigars by taste and strength with a drink or by mood. We will tell, show, and teach how to handle cigars, even if (and especially if) you have never smoked and do not know where to start.
That is why all your comments, suggestions and replies are so thoroughly handled. And your feedback is so precious to us, and we’d like to hear from you all the time. So if you wish to help us improve your shopping experience while visiting our website, you can share your thoughts using the Contact US form below, or call us during our working hours from Monday to Friday.

Trust us and we will never disappoint you! Customers is what motivates us moving forward and keep progressing, improving our service with every new purchase and every new customer.

We are the seller of cigar brands produced according to European standards and ship our products via air mail. We process orders in 48 hours from Monday to Friday. Orders of cigars placed on Saturdays are sent on the first working day following the reception (the same concerns Sundays and public holidays).

All the parcels are shipped to private addresses provided by our customers by Postal services. All the items we market are shipped as registered mail with the confirmation upon delivery. You will need to sign the special document as soon as you get the parcel delivered. That is why there is no misdelivery possible.

We insure the replacement of the missing parcels or refund of damaged or stolen packages.

Large orders are shipped in separate parcels (up to 3-6 cartons per parcel). The parcels are always shipped on the same day but in rare cases they reach their destination together. The time between the first and the last parcel delivery is on average 2 to 5 days in Europe and the Mediterranean area and 2 to 10 days in the rest of the world. Big orders are delivered in discrete packages. The parcels are constantly dispatched around the same time yet in uncommon cases they arrive at their destination together. The time between the first and the last package conveyance is on normal 2 to 5 days.

We will always guarantee that the transit of products is secured and you are happy as a result.

How do we pack and ship your cigars?
We provide the best service when it comes to storing, packing and shipping goods to you. All of our cigars are stored in a special humidor, in a climate-controlled environment. Each item is packed carefully with paper, peanuts, bubble-wrap and other packing material, ensuring the product will come safe to you. Single cigars are always packed in a sealed plastic bag, that keeps their proper humidity during shipment. We offer the best support with regards to storing, packing and transportation merchandise to you.

The entirety of our stogies are packed in an extraordinary humidor, in climate controlled environment. Every item is packed cautiously with paper, and other pressing material, guaranteeing that the item will come protected to you. Single stogies are constantly packed in a fixed plastic bag, that keeps their humidity during shipment.

WE GUARANTEE the safe and comfortable delivery of goods.
SHIPPING TIMES – It can take up to 10-30 days
* In rare cases delivery can last up to 40 days

Transparent and reliable purchase conditions are our main principle used for the customers’ needs. We accept that the services we provide ought to persuade you to address to us repeatedly. This is just practicable remaining reasonable and allowing clients get benefits that would help us bring them back to us again. We can promise you the best prices and no secret expenses. You will see it as soon as start using our website.


These Terms and Conditions and your usage of our site are administered by the law and you consent to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court. This doesn’t influence your non-excludable legal rights.

Contract between the customer and for the offer of our items will just exist once an order has been accepted, handled and dispatched ( in this case the purchaser’s credit/debit card will be charged for the estimation of the merchandise dispatched). This doesn’t influence your legal rights.

Prices and accessibility of merchandise is liable to change without notice. This implies that the cost affirmed in the wake of putting in the request might be distinctive to that charged at conveyance. Each effort is made to guarantee that this won’t occur. A delivery charge will be added to your order value.

Legal Age of the Customer

The minimum legal age to order goods from this website is 18 years. This age permits you to smoke in the country you live. We have collaborated with Veratad Technologies, LLC to approve clients’ ages and check personality, accordingly satisfying legitimate necessities for cigar deals. The Veratad administration completes the age approval by utilizing the personal information given by customer to look through trusted info sources of public records.

Quality of the product

The quality of the product is to a high standard and norm, we cannot be considered answerable for variety in quality from the producers. All products sold by correspond to the European Standards unless otherwise stated.


All orders will be shipped within 48 hours after order submission. Find out more details about delivery option and time on shipping page.


We do our best for you to be absolutely happy with anything you order from us. On account of non receipt and/or harm to the products won’t approve any refunds until a full examination has occurred. It is significant yet not mandatory that the item keeps its original condition and unique bundling. We are not able to complete these activities until a time of 30 days has passed because of the post offices tracking procedure. All orders ought to likewise be protected by your credit card provider.

Right to cancel the order

You can cancel the purchase of the product without any specified reason within 100 days from the purchase. The first day out of 100 days is the day after you received your parcel. You need to contact us to tell about your cancellation in written or any other form that shall give you a confirmation from us that we are aware of that. The customer has the right to cancel the purchase of product with no predetermined explanation 24 hours from its placement. You need to reach us by email or by phone to tell about cancellation.

Cancellation consequences

In case you are not satisfied with the product and you have returned it in a safe condition we will refund the product cost and the delivery cost to the address of the customer too. The return shipment to our warehouse are to the expense of the customer.

We will make sure any sum debited to us but cancelled later on is being refunded to you as soon as possible but within 100 days of your contract cancellation. Please note once again that you cannot return any goods made in accordance with your specifications or which by their nature deteriorate or expire rapidly. We will ensure any sum charged to us however cancelled later on is being refunded to you as quickly as time permits.

Chargeback Policy

Taking into consideration the fact that our cigarettes are dispatched from Europe, we would like to inform you about possible delays. We kindly ask you to contact us at once if any issues occur and not to cancel orders by starting disputes with your credit card company. If there is an issue, we will always find a solution resulting in either a refund or a replacement of your transaction.

If you place an order on our store, you consent to our established policy and rules and should you experience any issues, you are obliged to let us us know. In other respects, disputes will be contested.

We always do our best to make our customers happy and their understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated.


The order placed contains your private data. The information of the order and the information of the customer’s presented data is stored. All the arrangements between sides are being sent to you via email. You can save the conditions of utilization on this page.


The cigars sold on this site are cmade distinctly for individual use and not for resale. The resale of any cigar bought from is disallowed by law.

Our site is reliable in every way: in the choice of high quality, authentic cigars, in the service, and in the payment method as well. This payment method is fast, convenient and available to all the users of our site. That is why we chose it to make ordering cigars easier and more effective.

You can purchase cigars on our store by using VISA CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. The payments are processed online. Generally, it takes not more than 2 days for credit cards to be processed. Make sure you have sufficient funds on your card so that your card could be charged and your order could go through. And remember that you cannot place an order by telephone or fax. At the moment you can only place your order only online.

When orders are submitted and processed, customers receive automatic notifications with their order details. The payment options indicated on our web store are safe and secure. The account information is kept confidential in our processing company’s data base.

The payment options that we provide on our web site are safe and secure. All account information is preserved strictly private on our processing company’s data base. For any further inquiries concerning your transaction, you may contact our Support Team. Just fill in the contact form.

In order to protect card holders and ourselves, orders that appear fraudulent may be held for manual check. Manual check may delay the shipment and delivery of your order. If necessary, a representative of our customer team will call you to verify the order and cancel any order before it is shipped.

The payments for the orders are processed in the local currency. Everything is done for the convenience of our Customers.
We are in love with cigars and we want to make everyone, who gets into our store, fall in love with them too. Therefore, our mission is to bring the cigar market and service quality to a new level: for you to choose and buy cigars, and be as comfortable as possible even online paying for the desired brand of cigars, so that you come back to us again, happy with your choice.

By choosing our range of products, you get low prices, fast payment method and reliable delivery. And we are always here, assisting you in any and clarifying any questions you may have. When you buy cigars from us, the process of smoking is like our products: smooth and easy.

Our goal is to provide a perfect service to all our customers and we strive to solve your problem in an effective and professional manner. In addition, we promise not to disclose or sell your personal information to any third party. The information you provide on the website is strictly private and only used for shipping purposes. We will not reveal your name, email address, phone numbers and delivery address to anyone except for our mail service.

The customer, upon discovering a defect in the goods, has the right to demand from the seller to take measures to eliminate the defect.
The customer has the warranty period during which the customer, having discovered a defect in the goods, has the right to demand from the seller or manufacturer to take measures to eliminate the defect. The buyer has the right to exchange a good quality product for another trade offer or another product that is identical in value or refund of the price difference.

When does the warranty start?
It starts from the moment of transfer of the goods to the consumer if there is no clarification in the contract; If it is not possible to establish the date of purchase, then the warranty goes from the date of manufacture; Seasonal goods are guaranteed from the beginning of the season; When ordering goods from an online store, the warranty begins on the day of delivery.

The buyer within 7 days from the date of purchase of the goods can refuse the goods of good quality if: The goods have not entered service and have a presentation, are in the package with all the labels, and there are also documents for the purchase of the goods; The product is not included in the list of products of good quality, which cannot be returned or exchanged.

You will find the solution to most product issues by contacting our Customer Service.

We guarantee the following: offers a 100% money back guarantee covering the price of the cigars if, for some reason, the purchase turned out to be not satisfactory. The refund period depends on the type of payment that the buyer initially chose. The customer can cancel the order placed on our online store within 24 hours from its placement.

Why are the prices indicated on this site are the lowest online?

As we are retailers offering no tax and our primary business is to purchase huge volume stock at the best price. So that we can offer the best and the least cost in this specific field and on the web. In like manner, our way of thinking comprises in offering our clients our best costs not at all like different contenders who charge unnecessary sums and exploit the trouble of finding original cigars in the Off-line market.

Can I be sure that you offer ‘original’ cigars?

Firstly, as http://www. just sells Cigars and secondly as our refund policy guarantees that you will get your cash back quickly in the event that you are not 100% happy with your buy. Totally ensured; you just need to send us back the original box.

What payment methods do you use?

You buy on our store using VISA CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. Payments are processed online. It will not take more than 2 days for credit cards processing. As soon as the orders are accepted and processed customers receive notifications via email, sent automatically including their order details. Payment options offered on our web site are safe and secure. All account information provided is kept strictly confidential in our processing company’s data base. In case you have any further inquiries concerning your purchase, you may contact us via email.

Can you guarantee delivery?

It is known that tobacco related laws differ from a country to country. The client is responsible for the introduction of the cigars to his country. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. We promise to deliver high quality cigars and accessories, provide reliable shipping and the best service.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the cigars you shipped me?

If you are not absolutely satisfied with our products and if the cigars do not meet clients expectations you can ship them back within 8 days upon receipt in its packaging for a full refund or replacement.

What period will it take before I receive my order?

We don’t charge your Visa consequently when you submit your request. You will be charged solely after acceptnce of your request by our sales team and approval of your billing information, IP address, ISP data from our billing company. Normally delivery requires up to 10-30 working days after the orderapproval letter. Some time it takes 2 – 4 working days more.

Do I have to pay duty or import tax on the cigars I order?

As the amounts you import are for your own usage no duties will be pertinent. Orders of 2 boxes (50 stogies) normally go through with no issue. The shipment is named: “Not For Sale, For Personal use only”. In the event that you are approached to pay taxes you may decline to get the bundle. At the point when the bundle shows up back to us we will issue a full refund for your order.

Will my order arrive in good conditions?

Our greatest concern is for our clients to be totally happy with their buy. Our cigars are stored and rationed in our mechanical caverns at a temperature of 10? centigrade [50? Fahrenheit] and a 68% humidity. We handle them cautiously and bundle them cleverly, by vacuum fixing the boxes, which let the cigars to keep up the freshness of a handmade and quality stogie.

What is the way for me to store my cigars?

If you don’t have a humidor we recommend you get one. It is crucial to store your cigars in a manner which will keep them from dying out. A humidor is specifically intended to keep cigars sufficiently new to be an incredible smoke however not sticky enough that they start to dry or degrade. One can store them without a humidor, yet they will dry out rapidly and cannot be dehydrated. It is generally perceived that a cigar that has dried out isn’t comparable to a new one.

Why should I buy my cigars from

Because of a few reasons:
1. We offer the Most Attractive prices
2. We do to our best to offer our customer the BEST service daily
3. Our products are of the Highest quality and, moreover, because they are ‘original cigars’
4. You will continue to get promotional offers and products at a discount that only can offer
5. Additionally, to being your cigar suppliers, we want to be your close friend.

Why did email sent to me not arrive?

Dear users of AOL e-mails!
You might not be receiving our Customer Support e-mails because of some reasons (you blocked our e-mail address/it is tagged as a junk mail or it got into your spam folder/ AOL is blocking your correspondent’s provider from sending mail because of complaints of abuse). Such issues affect our service because our communication can be blocked and we cannot contact you in regards to your purchases. That is why, please check if our messages get through.
If you need help, please contact your email provider Customer support.