Expiry date of cigars and storage methods

On the one hand, it is believed that the shelf life of cigars is not limited, like other tobacco products. But, on the other hand, experienced aficionados know that even with proper storage, cigars can last only 2-3 years. After this period, their taste and aromatic qualities deteriorate sharply.

It is also believed that real hand-rolled cigars should be aged for several years, like a good wine – then their taste will truly “ripen” and sparkle with special shades. But, what is most important in all these cases, it should be remembered that cigars are very capricious, and they just need to be stored correctly. Otherwise, there is a risk, instead of excellent Havana, to get a portion of dry and tasteless tobacco in a couple of weeks.
he question immediately arises – what rules must be followed in order to preserve a cigar with the bouquet of aromas and tastes that the manufacturer laid in it? There are two main ways to keep your cigar fresh.
How to store cigars
The first and easiest way is not to remove the cigar from the packaging in which the manufacturer placed it.
Avoid storing a cigar near heating devices or in direct sunlight. Otherwise, all the aroma, together with moisture, passes into the package, and the taste of the tobacco leaf is noticeably deteriorated. Also, you should not store cigars next to strong aromatic substances, because even with packaging, there is a high risk of spoiling the natural bouquet laid down by the manufacturer.
The second method of storage is more complicated, but it can significantly extend the shelf life of cigars and is optimal for storing elite varieties. It’s about buying a humidor. The specially designed humidor is hermetically sealed and maintains the optimal atmosphere for cigars, including the desired level of humidity – and it is humidity that is one of the key factors in the “longevity” of a cigar.
There are different types of humidors – from simple, small 3-cigars (travel option) to huge boxes that can hold 200 or more cigars. But the most popular models today are tabletop models that can accommodate ten to fifty gavanas. In a high-quality humidor, a cigar is able to retain a rich aroma for up to three years, while maintaining its optimal moisture content and taste.