Alec Bradley Factory Overruns Toro Connecticut

Alec Bradley Factory Overruns are back, and once you see the great deals on these premiums, you’ll be just as excited as we are. An underrated cigar due to the cosmetic imperfections like discolored wrappers or size discrepancies, Alec Bradley Factory Overruns are made with the same tobacco as the boxed product. While the Overruns didn’t quite make the cut for the fancy packaging, they are offered up at a fraction of the price. If you aren’t bothered by a small blemish on your cigar, take advantage of this silver lining and stock up on these Connecticut wrapped cigars!

Table Top Lighter/Burner

Talk about a tempest in a teapot! This ultra-chic, chrome tabletop cigar lighter by Alec Bradley uses butane fuel, and will burn up to 2 hours depending on usage. Lights easily with the push of a button. Flame height is adjusted by turning the dial like a hurricane lamp. Makes a hot gift idea, too!