5 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

The comforting world of cigars can sometimes seem bogged down by endless choices, confusing information and opinions posing as fact. It can be difficult, even for a longtime smoker. 

1. Cigars Are a Natural and Handmade Product

Buzzwords like “natural” and “Handmade” are overused in today’s speech, but handmade cigars have truly earned the right to flaunt these credentials. They are made of one thing -pure, unadulterated tobacco. Not a single leaf is chemically treated or artificially altered for taste.

2. 200 Pairs of Hands

It’s often said that 200 pairs of hands touch your cigar before it makes it to you. Suffice to say, every time you light up a cigar, a lot of people with many different skills all contributed to bring you the ultimate handmade product. 

3. Aging is Important

Ageing tobacco plays a vital role, both before and after the cigar is made. Not only is the fresh leaf aged before it’s turned into a cigar, but a newly built cigar in most cases is then sent to an ageing room where the stabilize the humidity levels of the cigar. 

Ideal ageing is obtained when you bring a cigar to its absolute peak of flavour. 

4. Smoke Cool & Slow

Some cigar smokers puff too fast. This is wrong for some reasons. Philosophically, a cigar is about enjoying and savouring the moment. Smoking fast runs counterintuitive to this feeling. Take your time!

But there’s a more concrete reason. Too often puffing will inevitably overheat your cigar and cause it to become bitter. Often, that bitterness is irreversible. An ideally constructed cigar is made to burn slow and cool to impart flavour in a regular progression.

5. Choose Your Cigar

It’s important to know something about the combination before choosing a cigar. This helps to assure you don’t choose a smoke that’s too strong or too soft.

Sometimes, smokers want full, intense palate stimulation along with heavy flavours.

Typically, a full-bodied, powerful cigar will contain Ligero tobacco. These are the darkest, thickest leaves of the tobacco plant as well as the oiliest and rich on account of their direct exposure to the sun.

Dark, oily wrappers often indicate a strong smoke the way light wrappers usually indicate a soft or medium-bodied smoke, however cigar look can sometimes be misleading.