Difference between cigars and cigarettes

Cigars and cigarettes are both tobacco-based products, but of course they are not the same. What are the main differences between them? Let us dive in.

Physical differences

Comparing cigar to a cigarette, you obviously see some physical differences. Cigars are typically much bigger and thicker. A cigar is usually entirely made from whole hand folded tobacco leaves and folded in one. Cigarettes have shredded tobacco leaves and other tobacco byproducts and are wrapped in paper.

Cigars contain more nicotine – around 100-200 mg, when a cigarette usually contains only about 10 mg.

Cigarettes also usually contain a filter, and cigars never do.
It takes about 30-60 minutes to smoke a cigar, and you are done with a cigarette in 5 minutes.

Difference in the way they are prepared and smoked

There are differences in the way cigars and cigarettes are prepared and smoked.
While cigarettes are ready-to-smoke from the box, you need to cut a cap with a special cutter before you can light a cigar in order to create a gap for smoking.
The biggest difference between cigarettes and cigars is the way they are smoked. While you are meant to draw the smoke from a cigarette into your lungs, a cigar’s smoke should only be held in the mouth before exhaling, as the tobacco and nicotine levels in a cigar are too strong to be inhaled.

Cigarettes and cigars have different roles, cigarettes are very convenient in today’s fast world, and cigars are more about a ritual and ceremony. Choose what fits you better, or even combine!