Which drinks go best with cigars

Even the most experienced cigar smokers can feel lost sometimes when pairing cigars with their drinks. The fact is that you already work with your tasting abilities when you try new combinations of flavors. The more you use your sense of taste – the better becomes your palate. If you are in search for best pairing of cigars and drinks – we offer you below great alcoholic and NON alcoholic variants.


Classy and traditional drink to have with cigars. It is considered to be the best drink to combine with an after meal cigar. If you prefer aged cognac – choose a full bodied cigar to it. If the cognac is younger – it will go better with medium/full bodied cigars.


Traditionally, rum and cigars come from a similar geographical area. Whether we are talking about Cuba or the Caribbean, the people who make cigars have also made rum. Surely, these two really complement each other very well. Rum also goes better with medium/full-bodied cigars.


This specific spirit has different variations, but the ground flavor is definetely delicious. It can be served plain, with ice or even in some cocktails. Given the aging process and the structure of the taste, it can be easily paired with a medium to full-bodied cigars.

Espresso and coffee drinks

There are many variations and types of coffee drinks, including those which are non-alcoholic (such as Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Cafe con Leche, Cuban Coffee). You can try esperesso or an Irish coffee. It tastes great, and will greatly enhance your cigar smoking experience.

Orange juice

At first it seems there is nothing very exciting about drinking some orange juice after having a few puffs, aside from its palate-cleansing ability, but then you notice the aftertaste which was a truly unique flavor experience. It is hard to explain, but try this pairing if you are searching for something new and interesting. There are innumerable combinations, so don’t hesitate and try new pairing to find your perfect match!