How to choose a cigar: useful tips

We know how confusing it can be – you want to buy your first cigar, but you don’t know how to approach this question. Is this area totally new to you? Find below some useful tips to help you entering the flavored cigars world.

Nicotine strength

We suggest you to go for milder cigars in the beginning, as the full-bodied ones can be overpowering for you and it will be the first and the last time you try to smoke a cigar. Light cigars still have rich and creamy interesting flavor, and of course – nicotine is not the main reason for smoking cigars. Though nicotine is the component of premium cigars, you should make the distinction between them and a cigarettes.
Cigars are never a substitute to a cigarette, they are designed to offer you pleasure from the process, rituals and impressions.

First Budget

This aspect is only up to you to decide on. You shouldn’t listen to people who say that cigars for beginners should be expensive though. There is a plenty of great cigars that you can buy for a reasonable price. Of course you don’t need to break the bank in order to get an exclusive cigar for your first experience, – good mild cigars cost somewhere around 5-15$.

Where to buy

This rule probably works for any area – stick to the reputable tobacconists, when you buy cigars. Fine tobacco shops offer you not only a large selection of qualitative cigars, but they also can help you to choose the right one for you. Don’t hesitate asking for help and please, do not buy your first cigar somewhere on the gas station in order to avoid unpleasant first impressions.

Check your cigar for quality

The first thing to inspect is a cigar’s construction. Roll it between your fingers and note any bumps or empty spaces. The more evenly tobacco is distributed, the better as it affects the smoothness of the cigar. Any empty pockets or rough textures will result in harsher smoke when you puff. The second thing to consider is the tobacco quality. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to judge just by looking at it, so this is where the rating system comes into play. When in doubt, ask a tobacconist for help.

We wish you the most amazing experience with cigars!